There are memories yet to be made
for each of us in BonHomie
In loving memory of our mother, Honorata Dizon 1917-2008
Our Philosophy

At BonHomie Residential Care Homes for the Elderly, we know how profoundly important to each of us to provide care for our loved ones as we would like to receive it in turn. This is the spirit and the essence of BonHomie.


Our Care

We are a family-run concern, and we bring that same sense of family into the care we provide. We strive to ease away all hindrances to that end. We tend to all the special needs of our residents, be it dietary, medical, or about special care. This is the heart of BonHomie.


Our Staff

Our conscientious care-givers make every effort to give comfort to our guests. We know how difficult change can be for anyone, and with this in mind, we make every effort to make this transition seamless. We are BonHomie.


Our History

We are a product of the hard-work, dedication and the passion instilled by our mother. Nora Dizon, who assisted us in co-founding the homes in 1987. With the third generation like Kwenby, joining the team, she not only provides youthful exuberance, but also quality and professionalism as Co-Administrator. This is the legacy of BonHomie.